Social Media

I was always fascinated with technology growing up, ever since my parents bought me my first computer. I got hooked right away, my parents always use to get mad at me because I would never go outside and play like a normal child. Growing up, I wasn’t very social I didn’t like to talk as much as the other kids. When I would go to school, I was to shy to talk. I would wait until the kids/teens would to talk to me first. Then I would talk back, but other then that I was always quiet. Social media really changed my life in a big way because as the years passed they started making this websites known as social media websites or social networking. These sites were known as MySpace, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter etc. These sites were really cool because you could post pictures of anything you want, talk to friends, meet new people, and play games. These sites really helped me be more social in life and be more interactive. I’m still kind of a shy and quiet person, but I’m more talkative now then I was before. Technology is growing everyday there always creating new and exciting things. Whether its a new social networking website or some new app that tell you how your feeling, something like that. One things for sure I’m never going to stop using social media websites. Soon or later some guy is going to make another social site and its going to be as better then Instagram, MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter combined.
Hand holding a Social Media 3d Sphere


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